6 Reasons Why Bodybuilding Fails as A Sport

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What is it about the sport of bodybuilding that we all love that just can’t seem to make it mainstream? Why aren’t more people engaged in the bodybuilding scene? Is there something the sport is missing that is creating this disconnect from every other sport that’s out there? Actually, I think there is. And below are my 6 reasons I feel there’s a complete disconnect.

1.) Drugs

Do we really need to even go over this one? Of course, there are many professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, MMA, NHL, etc. (heck, look at the PGA and Tiger Woods) who use performance enhancing drugs—yet most people consider bodybuilding the most abusive. While they may be correct, if you look at the overall number of professional athletes using drugs (at least those who get caught), in the grand scheme of things, the total number of bodybuilders is low compared to athletes in other professional organizations as there are way more of them out there. The number of bodybuilders competing doesn’t even compare to the number of football, baseball, or basketball players.

Bodybuilders might be using more specialized drugs that deal with testosterone and muscle growth, but again, other athletes are still using steroids and other drugs to help improve their recovery. It’s literally all the same since a drug is a drug and is treated as such. People just perceive bodybuilders to be worse since you can see a drastic difference in musculature when compared to mainstream athletes we are used to seeing on television.

2.) Subjectivity

Most sports these days are very objective. There are point systems in place that you can see at any point during the game or match to understand who is winning and who is losing. In bodybuilding, you don’t see the scorecards until after the show, and even then, you need to do some digging online to find them. When judging years ago, it was fairly easy to tell who was top five based on where they position the competitors on stage. Generally, the person who they feel has the best look and the person they believe is the winner is generally in the middle with the second and third place competitors on either side of him. However, now, the head judge if they already know who the winner is can put the person they think will win off to the side of the competitors or tell him to step back out of the line. They even move people around several times which makes you wonder where people are going to fall at the end of the show.

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