6 Reasons Why Bodybuilding Fails as A Sport

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The judges also have to compare everyone’s physique and give them a score. Different judges might see different things about a competitor’s physique and score them drastically different. That sometimes causes controversy at the end of a show. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be a judge. With so many competitors up on stage, I’m not sure how you can eyeball them all and figure out who places where in the small amount of time they have to look at everyone’s physique.

3.) Niche industry

Let’s face it, our industry is not mainstream at all. Even though health and fitness is something very mainstream, the bodybuilding world is extreme in the eyes of the general public and not one that many people find pleasing to the eyeballs. Not many women outside the industry find bodybuilders attractive and consider them panty droppers. Bodybuilding is a pretty extreme lifestyle to say the least.

Also, when you think about it, there are way fewer competitors jumping on stage when compared to football, basketball, baseball, and soccer players that are professionals and those looking to hopefully one day turn pro. Even college and high school athletics has a bigger fan-base than bodybuilding. Most spectators would rather watch teams going at it than guys in tiny trunks lathered up in oil under some bright lights. It’s not for everyone.

While I sometimes ask myself why I like the sport, it comes back to the appreciate and dedication to the craft of bodybuilding. Not many people truly understand the things these competitors go through in order to look like that on stage. I believe for that reason alone they are disinterested. It’s hard to be interested in something if you yourself can’t relate on some level.

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