7 Annoying Bodybuilding Gym Things You’re Scared to Talk About

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#2 That genetically blessed mesomorph

You all know the type. That one guy that just seems to have it all. Upper body/lower body all perfect. Stand out bi’s, tri’s calves (Those hardgainer HARD muscles to build).  B*****d!

And then he decides to workout next to you, knowingly and silently showing off how puny and pathtic you look in comparison. B*****d!

Some guys that do this are just pumped up hot headed fools. Showing off is fine. But at the expense of making a beginner feel small is NOT. If you come across someone like this, don’t break your non talking fear. Keep your thoughts to yourself. That’s the solution in this scenario. Giving people like that attention is pure ego fuel. Don’t give them any.

#3 Badly dressed gym goers

Now, I’m not known for one to hold their tongue. However, I’m also not known as one to judge what people wish to do. But when you wear tight high shorts/pants, how can you not hold your tongue.

Seriously. How can you be a fat guy and then decide to show your fat a** to the world in such an open fashion. And in a gym too, where your a** is in positive action for the entire world to see in all it’s glory. Errgh. I would have Youtubed this for you, but my eyes just couldn’t take it. Ahhh.

Ok, people will dress how they like to dress. You really won’t have a say in what people wish to do/ not do. If gossiping is your thing, go do that. But a nice thing you could do is just let that person know that their gym dress code is not cool. IF, you’re on talking terms with them or their fitness associates of course.

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