7 Annoying Bodybuilding Gym Things You’re Scared to Talk About

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#4 Screamers

No I’m not talking about the movie scream 4. But with the way some of these guys scream while lifting weights, they might as well put on a scream mask to add to their arsenal as the bodybuilding attention getting whore.

Screaming while maxing out your reps/sets has been proven to be effective in the game of increasing performance. But like in a game of Tennis, some people take it too far.

For the most part, this is actually kind of embarrassing for the extreme screamer. And the only time it’s a real issue is if you’re dealing with a repeat offender. In such cases, you can usually politely tell that individual that his screams are excessive and somewhat hilarious. If he’s someone that cares what other people think of him, he’ll quiet down for sure. But if it’s some 250lb hot headed human beast that most are probably scared of, then it’s probably a good idea to let the gym staff know that the bodybuilding tennis player is really getting to you. And to quiet down. Just to save yourself from being verbally bashed by the hot headed monster.

#5 Guys that walk around stiff, when they’re fully capable of walking completely relaxed and normal

Dude, I understand that you want to get bigger, I understand that you want people to notice that you have muscles. But please, please… just put your arms down by your sides. Your lats aren’t that big and wide. We all like R.Kelly, but I believe you can’t fly, by flapping your arms in the air by your sides the way you do. Us humans haven’t evolved to that level yet. So for this present day, walk normal.

If you want to really be funny, you could just outright ask these guys why they walk the way they do, should you ever converse with them. However that conversation turns out, I bet you they’ll take it to heart and start walking normally shortly after.

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