Do You Have the Genetic Potential for Bodybuilding?

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Every single time someone post a great physique shot, naysayers write moronic comments such as “Yeah, roids.”

However you could give those naysayers as many anabolics as they want, they would never make it.

The first step in having a great physique is to choose the right parents. If you want to survey your bodybuilding potential, you can assess the following factors.

How good are your muscle length attachment? The lower a muscle inserts, the better it is. The concept is not new, just look at the statues built in Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. Depictions of the demi-god Hercules show him with low muscle insertions. One of the easiest muscles to illustrate this concept is the biceps, Larry Scott and Arnold Schwarzenegger are classic examples of people blessed with long muscle bellies in the elbow flexors.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Notice that people with great lat development have very low insertions; Franco Columbu, and Ronnie Coleman come immediately to mind in this example. There are some rare individuals who have low muscle insertions in all muscle groups which prompts to achieve rapid success in bodybuilding. The most evident example of that is Casey Viator, who won the Mr. America at the age of 19. Apparently his arms were over 17 inches, at the age of 17, that is the first day he started training! Yet, Arthur Jones and his Nautilus company used him extensively as a propaganda model to illustrate how great their machine were.

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