Stop Taking Your Personal Training Clients for Bodybuilders

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If the client wants to be a bodybuilder, then they should be treated as such, but few do …

CLIENTS COME TO YOU FOR DIFFERENT REASONS. You need to identify those reasons in order to give the right advice. If someone comes to you because they want to step on stage, they should absolutely be treated like bodybuilders. If they have no such goal, time should be spent determining what results they expect from you so that you can deliver.

The Problem with the Six-Pack

Most trainers have gone through a tough transformation themselves so they know what it takes to get to single-digit body fat. They’re usually passionate about what they do so they have experienced the level of commitment necessary for such a goal.

Clients typically hire us because they have so much on their table that working out and eating right is a drag. They’re not ready for the sacrifices required to get to 6% body fat.

There is a huge difference between training with a coach three times a week, however intensely, and following a contest prep. If bodybuilders could win contests by training only three hours a week, we would know about it. Most of them train twice a day towards the end, or at least six times a week.

Not to mention, a contest prep includes meals with the highest nutrient density and a precise caloric count and macronutrient target. Someone who doesn’t know the nutritional difference between pasta and steak has no chance of getting it right. While most fitness enthusiasts have taken the time to learn about a few things, newbies sometimes don’t even know where to look for protein or carbs.

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