Stop Taking Your Personal Training Clients for Bodybuilders

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Being a bodybuilder requires a strong focus on your body. Let’s face it, bodybuilders look at themselves in the mirror all the time. They’re obsessed about their appearance and never satisfied with what they have. It’s never enough. They always think they can be more ripped, or more muscular. Do you want to turn your personal training clients into that? They may buy you more sessions initially, but they can throw the towel at any time. 

Always choose health first

A lot of people join a gym just to be healthier. They don’t mind being taken out of their comfort zones occasionally, but being challenged at every workout and flirting with injuries all the time is not what they’re looking for.

You can certainly prepare for a show without getting injured, but if you’re serious about your goal, you know you have to train on the brink of injury and overtraining. Those who succeed are those who manage to train this way and still stay healthy. For your clients, health should be the priority.

Few things are more embarrassing than getting a client injured. We can’t avoid it all the time, but most clients hire you because they want to be shown how to lift safely without getting injured. This is why no matter what will take them to their goals faster, health should be prioritized.

It’s the same when it comes to food or supplements. While you and your spouse may be able to endure your loss of libido and constant moodiness, your client will generally want to please their spouse and love their life. There is no justification for giving someone a sub-1000 calorie meal plan. If the time to reach their goal is short, explain to them that it is too short.

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