Stop Taking Your Personal Training Clients for Bodybuilders

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What you should tell your personal training clients

Even if you know how to give them a six-pack, it’s probably much better to tell them that they should choose a more realistic goal. If you agree with them on a goal that can be reached in three or four weeks, the client can then decide to go the extra-mile. They will usually be more satisfied if they have reached a small goal than if they have failed to achieve something bigger.

Clients should be warned that however small their goal, sacrifices will have to be made. If they were doing everything right, they wouldn’t need you. They need you because they generally don’t have a clue what should be done. You should tell them that they will have to change a few things in their life and make the time to take care of their bodies and their health.

Better than a Six-pack

The highest value you can provide your clients is education. Giving them a meal plan or a program doesn’t educate them. If they follow the meal plan and the program, they generally see results but how many times does that happen? When they understand the choices you make, however, they know why they have to stop putting sugar in their coffee or why adding cream without telling you will be like shooting themselves in the foot.

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