The Top Ten Bodybuilding Blogs of the Year – Must Reads

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Check out these hot bodybuilding blogs and discover a wealth of information you can use to build an impressive body. All the info you need to lose fat and build muscle.

Top Bodybuilding Blogs to Follow

Serious bodybuilders know that the road to success in bodybuilding lies in getting the best information possible. You need to keep abreast of the most effective workout routines, best foods to eat and the most effective recovery methods.

You can easily get all this information and more by following the top ten bodybuilding blogs of the year.

Follow the top bodybuilding blogs to keep abreast of news.

1. Stronglifts

Stronglifts is a comprehensive blog that offers advice on exercises, nutrition and a specific type of workout routine. This site advocates the 5×5 routine, which says that one of the best ways to gain muscle is by doing an exercise for five sets with five repetitions. They give detailed advice on form and offer videos as well. There is also a section that lists rules for nutrition and gives some examples of super foods.

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