The Top Ten Bodybuilding Blogs of the Year – Must Reads

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2. Dave Draper

Dave Draper’s blog has information on all things related to bodybuilding. It gives you information on training, nutrition, recovery and dealing with injuries. There are also articles on working out at home and properly setting up a home gym. This blog is huge and there is a lot of information to cover, but if you have a question about bodybuilding, you’ll probably find the answer here.

3. Iron Magazine

Iron Magazine will give you lots of information on bodybuilding. It contains in-depth information on the usefulness of supplements, training videos and a forum where you can talk with other bodybuilders. The format is a little hard to navigate, but you can search for articles based on the name of the author or you can just get a whole list of all the articles on the website.

They also have Iron Mag radio, which gives more information on bodybuilding and you can tune in for interviews with professional bodybuilders and see what advice they offer on diet, training, and recovery.

4. Enter the Pit

This blog is geared for those who are serious about getting huge muscles. They have a variety of bodybuilding exercises that include the basics of weight training, cardio workouts, toning workouts and strongman training. Also included in this blog is information about nutrition and recipes, as well as videos that will help you see exactly how exercises should be performed. If you are looking to add supplements to your diet, you can get information about different bodybuilding supplements on this blog.

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