The Top Ten Bodybuilding Blogs of the Year – Must Reads

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5. Labrada Bodybuilding Nutrition

This blog has all you need to know about nutrition. It features a variety of delicious recipes, as well as information on training and recovery. You can also find information on injury prevention on this blog. There is also a store that sells some of the famous Labrada products like Lean Body.

You can also purchase athletic apparel, books, videos as well as different supplements from this site. Articles are sorted according to your fitness goals. If you want to build muscle, lose fat or learn about CrossFit, you can learn all that and more on this blog.

6. Will Brink’s Brinkzone

The Brinkzone is a blog that focuses on the scientific aspect of bodybuilding. If you’re interested in learning how supplements work and the potential side effects they can cause, this site is geared towards you.

There are articles on training, fitness, hormone replacement therapy and lots of other subjects.Will Brink also offers videos and a bodybuilding program book that will help you if you are looking to build mass. Reviews of products and training programs, motivational stories and some free items are also available to you when you visit this blog.

7. Bodybuilding Supplement Blog

This blog, while not as comprehensive as the other blogs, does offer good information on different protein powders and supplements. The blog reviews products like Muscle Milk, EAS, MuscleTech and others. It gives opinions on the taste, ingredients, price of the supplements and consistency and then gives each supplement a rating. If you are having problems deciding on which brands of protein powders or supplements to purchase, then this site can help you.

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