Top 4 Ways to Move Out of Muscle Building Plateau

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Are you stuck in a muscle building plateau? Read the top 4 ways to move out of the muscle building plateau.

Like most things in life, the muscle builder also encounters beginner’s luck. Initially, muscles show at a rapid pace and then the dreaded plateau sets in. No amount of lifting, eating right seems to change the shape and swell of the muscles. This is called hitting the plateau, the dreaded word for any fitness enthusiast and muscle seeker.

Exercise physiologists have discovered that long-term training causes cumulative fatigue, leading to spikes in enzymes, which causes inflammation and muscle damage.  A sure-shot way to substandard performance is to jump into a workout before you shed the built up fatigue.

In a training plateau, your body gets used to the stresses that are being placed on it. Moving out of a plateau requires a change in the workout regime, nutrition plan and listening to your body. 

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